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"Runaway Train' has a wonderfully paced opening that pulls you in with the piano line and the drums that dance over it. The vocals slide with a delightful smoothness over the melody. The movement of the single has you sliding along the train tracks in the most delightful way."

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New interview from spanish magazine "Verdadera Locura"

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Verdadera locura

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Directed by Olivier Toussaint, the title is inspired by the eponymous film released in 1985. A big thanks to Olivier for his achievement, his generosity and of course his talent!

Director : Olivier Toussaint
Romain Frati : piano, lead voice, composition 

Mathieu Marie : Guitar
Loïc Turpin : bass, backing vocals 
Jean-Marc Robin : drums

Mix : Jean-Pascal Boffo - Studio Amper
Mastering : Sam Berdah - The wall studio

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