"Runaway Train' has a wonderfully paced opening that pulls you in with the piano line and the drums that dance over it. The vocals slide with a delightful smoothness over the melody. The movement of the single has you sliding along the train tracks in the most delightful way."

The other side review

The new album is here (2021)

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Happy Easter everyone !

The bells are Brazilian today with the release of Arkets album in Liverpool's Os Garotos magazine



Broadcast of the title Runaway train on Wim. the purpose of this radio is to promote French and international artists in Vienna, Austria :))


Nice to be in ROCKNBOLD best of Groover 2021 with the track Runaway train!

The album Dark light is out since last week


March 17 / Runaway train is on Tinnitist, musical blog run by Darryl Sterdan, Canada's most-followed music critic.

Here is the link, many great artists are represented :


Feb 08 / Nice little review and share from Portal tracklist (MTV brasil) of the title Runaway train on Instagram. All of this bodes well for the upcoming album


Video clip: Shooting of Runaway train, track from the incoming album Dark light with the director Olivier Toussaint.


Radio: Thanks to L'oreille à l'envers, webzine from northern France for broadcasting the title Runawaytrain on the radio show "Faune sensible". To listen to the entire program here:

Mixcloud: https://www.mixcloud.com/.../faune-sensible75-du-4-f%C3.../

Ramdam : https://www.ramdam.fm/ (podcast en cours de mise en ligne)

Page Faune Sensible Facebook :


Tweeter: Very nice announcement from the editor-in-chief of Scream & Yell (Brazil) regarding the release of the next Arkets album, with a share of "Runaway train"!

Scream and Yell is a pop culture website and one of Brazil’s leading independent pop culture vehicles.

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Directed by Olivier Toussaint, the title is inspired by the eponymous film released in 1985. A big thanks to Olivier for his achievement, his generosity and of course his talent!

Director : Olivier Toussaint
Romain Frati : piano, lead voice, composition 

Mathieu Marie : Guitar
Loïc Turpin : bass, backing vocals 
Jean-Marc Robin : drums

Mix : Jean-Pascal Boffo - Studio Amper
Mastering : Sam Berdah - The wall studio