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Digital feedbacks (Journalists, influencers, social networks, labels...)

Runaway train (track from Dark light album)

Ecoute ça.jpg

Écoute Ça ! (Podcast - France)

9 avr.

Bonjour! Très sympa ce titre! Dès les premières secondes, on sent qu'on a affaire à un groupe bien bien en place, chacun réussit à avoir des plans intéressants sans que ça ne semble démonstratif, c'est juste élégant et très bien fait avec juste ce qu'il faut de tensions pour éviter de rester trop pop. Je jetterai une oreille avec plaisir à l'album via bandcamp, merci pour le lien!

Joao Felipe Severo.jpg

Joao Felipe (Booker - Brasil)


Hey Romain, Congratulations for your work. Video and track really well produced. I encourage you to keep working on producing and communicating as much and as you can with your followers. I'm sure your music has a potential to reach out more and more people. Please keep me posted on your next releases. All the best, Joao

We write about music.jpg

We write about music (media - United States)


Hello Romain! Thanks so much for requesting us to review your single! This was absolutely beautiful, such a nice blend of indie rock sounds and progressive tones. The vocals on here were absolutely the stand out and really elevated the song to another level. Your overall sound though is quite unique in that it doesn't sound like every other alternative band trying to pump out the same thing. Thoroughly enjoyed this, congrats! Additionally, we'd love to check you out on Instagram if you have one. Feel free to follow us at ours: @wewriteaboutmusic Take care!


IndieOclock (Media - Brasil)


The clip is brilliant, fantastic production looks like we’re going to watch a movie. and then the band appears playing with a lot of energy, energy that conquers and makes us want to watch them playing live, the music has very nice arrangements to listen to it is smart and very well planned, with well-placed changes of tone, loud music quality, we love to know.

Québec quarantaine.jpg

Québec quarantaine (playlist - Canada)


Très bonne chanson. Le son est la suite d'accord me fait penser à fear of the blank planet de porcupine tree mais plus pop. J'aime beaucoup l'ambiance un peu prog que vous créer, vous êtes des musiciens très talentueux. Malheureusement ma playlist s'adresse aux groupes québécois mais je vais certainement suivre votre projet. Merci pour la découverte Émilie

Autour de la musique.jpg

Autour de la musique (media - France)

Bonjour Arkets, Vraiment votre musique, très structuré, mélodique ... ce n'est pas le genre de musique que l'on entant partout et c'est ça que j'aime. Je vais donc parler de votre musique via mes réseaux soit .. réseaux sociaux, webradio CETA Radio (en diffusion) et dans l'un de mes Stream dédié à la découverte musicale. Merci de m'avoir contacté via cette plateforme, à Très vite, Cordialement, Vincent VDB de Autour de la Musique


Os Garotos de Liverpool (website)

3 avr.

like so much the sweet voice, match with the classic guitar line, amazing solo too... Love so much the music, certainly we post soon on social media and article too


FARMINGTON (journalist - radio)

3 avr.

A great driving track with a driving beat that will have the listener instantly (often unknowingly) tapping their feet along to the various tempos within the complex track. Suitable for movies, TV, radio and more. Super versatile, with great visuals to match. Quality sounds here. I'm looking forward to hearing more! *please excuse my lack of French*

the other side reviews.jpg

The Other Side Reviews (magazine)

24 mar.

'Runaway Train' has a wonderfully paced opening that pulls you in with the piano line and the drums that dance over it. The vocals slide with a delightful smoothness over the melody. The movement of the single has you sliding along the train tracks in the most delightful way.

Blue end records.jpg

Blue End Records (label)

9 fév.

Salut ! Très sympa ton morceau ça me fait beaucoup penser à des vibes à la "Radiohead" ! En tout cas bon courage pour la sortie de "Dark light" ! Alphonse Responsable DA Blue End Records

Marcelo Costa.jpg

Marcelo Costa (journalist)


Hello guys I really liked "Runaway Train"! The sound of the drums is incredible, the piano is striking and the vocal over the entire arrangement captivates. It reminds me of Ben Folds Five or Andrew Bird's first albums, with a band. It's a sound I love, from beginning to end of the song. Really, a happy surprise. I will try to follow your next steps, but I will already share this song on my Twitter.


Portal tracklist (MTV Brasil)


Hello!! How are you? First of all, thank you for sending your song! It was very interesting to hear since the begging with the first sentence. The song also reminds me a bit of Kansas, which is very good! I loved the way that the songs seems like its going to be very linear but it changed! Is really good and we are going to share! Good luck with the new album that’s coming soon!

Victoria Moro.jpg

Victoria Moro (playlist)

22 jan.

hello, thanks a lot for your submission. very interesting idea of the song. good rhythm and melody line. song gives softness and positive vibes to the listeners.. very good timbre of voice. idea of different voices is really good.

Bruce Rodrigues.jpg

Bruce Rodrigues (journalist)


Good morning, guys, how are you? Thank you for sharing this with me! I loved the instrumental, it's great to hear and feel the vibe. The increasing vocal is amazing! The song reminded me of a band that I really like, called The Reign of Kindo, maybe for the piano and guitar line ... I definitely appreciate that! I also heard some things from the first album, "Projectile", great work. "Dark Light" will be a great release! If you can send me the press release, it would be great. Unfortunately your message didn't say much about the album and the project. And a tip I give is to tell more already in the first message, throw the cards on the table, Else seems to be a project with a lot to say. As the launch is still far away, I'm just giving feedback. But after the release, it will be a pleasure to talk about "Dark Light". A great week. Peace! Bruce Rodrigues.

Nik Silva (journalist, podcaster)


Onlap (Rock and metal playlist)

Actually liked the atmosphere created by the piano into this song, vocals are great too. Loved the mix quality too, congrats for the nice track guys!!

Nik silva.jpg

Hey Romain, really nice song! I enjoy the piano melodies and how it keeps the music going. The mix is well done. Everything has the space to sit and shine. I like the beginning too. The dialogue and the train sounds help to put the listener in the right mood. I think the bass could be a little bit louder and punchier in the mix. At the two-minute mark, the bass does a cool line and I think it is hidden from the listeners. I hope to listen to the album in March. Congrats!


The song reminds me of the sub-genre of progressive rock called Crossover Prog, for having pop / prog elements. The music is very pleasant, with a beautiful recording and an impactful cover. The musical times were very well explored, affecting neither the pop element nor the prog, thus bringing a perfect balance.


Rocknbold magazine (Brasil)

16th january

Hey guys, thank you for sharing "Runaway train" with me!I really enjoyed listening to it. At the beggining the one thing that really surprised me was the way the piano is the main instrument - it sounded really like a radiohead thing and it worked really well!! Great track, very cool to hear! Thanks for that!

Julia Baruki - ROCKNBOLD

Compression suit (track from Dark light album)

Boulimique de musique.jpg
The sounds won't stop.jpg

The sounds won't stop (journalist - United States)

I love this track! It was theatrical, dark, and swelling. This was different and I love the pianos all over this! We will be adding this to our site!

Zone agirante.jpg (journalist - Colombia)

15 avr.

I like it because it surprises in its mix of genres and sound intensity. The voice seems that of a crooner in his darkest stage, the piano is jazzy, the complementary sounds have alternative elements and the drums have a rock attitude. It all comes together in a good way and has a great result. For all this, I have included your song in my playlist. Thanks for sharing.

Teco apple.jpg

TECO APPLE (Media, brazil)

22 avr

"Compression Suit" is a very interesting pop art rock in its pianos, guitars and timid electronics counterbalanced by the striking vocals of its lead singer. It reminds us a lot of the aesthetic used by Tori Amos on the album 'From The Choirgirl Hotel' with something from Josh Homme on it. Nice work. We will be adding this on our playlist. Best TECO APPLE

polvo manco.jpg

Polvo manco (media - Brazil)


The music is quite complete. You used a wide variety of instruments and it was essential to create that pleasant atmosphere for the song. Congratulations. I will include the song in the playlist of international artists. Thank you very much for contacting us. I wish much success.

Beco indie.jpg

Beco Indie (media - Brazil)


COMPRESSION SUIT, keeps an originally and strong voice. It’s like a good suspense feeling, every beat takes our attention for emotions about ARKETS’s transmits. For demanding and art-loving people.

Filipe teixeira.jpg

Felipe Teixeira (Label, playlist - Brazil)

Hey there, thanks for sharing this track! I got really hooked by the deep vocals, really like the Editors vibe on it! Keep up the good work

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